We understand that each company is looking for performing and highly qualified candidates to achieve the long-term goals of a company. Standout provides the expertise and thoroughness of an executive search firm on a contingent-fee basis. Our dedicated team of placement professionals works tirelessly to locate, identify, and recruit the best talent the IT world has to offer. Standout interviews all our candidates in person and conducts extensive reference checks to verify the quality of each candidate.

We help enhance your project staffing plans by first understanding your:

Business goals and objectives

Organizational structure, roles and culture

Key Project initiatives with timelines and deliverables


We identify the best contractor to meet your project requirements. By understanding your needs we have been able to fill our client's contract positions.

Industry-focused Account Teams - Our account teams have specialized experience and sound track records in your specific industry. This allows our recruiters to find the exact contractor needed. Our recruiting teams have relationships with the best experts, and can leverage a vast regional, national and international ESI talent pool. This highly focused approach keeps our recruiters well equipped to network among and qualify the best contractors in your industry.

Identification and Selection process - Through our in-depth screening and matching process, we find the exact person who fits the job requirements and your corporate culture. Standout's focus on your specific job order allows us to identify quality candidates within your vertical market and set up interviews within 24 hours or less!

Contract to Hire

Standout Staffing allows you to hire employees for your company on a trial basis. This process of hire by trial gives both the candidate and client the opportunity to experience working with one another to ensure that the perfect fit was indeed established. Contract to hire will also provide the opportunity to get a feel of what the employer employee relationship would feel like if the position was made permanent.

With our Contract-to-Hire service, your company gets advantages likeEasy switchover of employees from contract staffing to core positions in your organization, with no extra charges upon completion of the contract period.Go ahead with the urgent projects on immediate basis while working with employees on contract-basis.Avoid the delays in a project, while searching for a full-time employee.Simple and flexible pay rolling for new employees.

For the Prospective CandidatesWith our Contract-to-Hire services, you stand a good chance of landing into a permanent position by easily switching from temporary occupancy to full-time employment in the organization within a small period of time.